GENERALLY PEOPLE TELL YOU THAT HOW TO BUY A SMARTPHONE ,but people don’t tell you when you should buy a smartphone in this blog i will tell you how and as well as when you should buy a smartphone.

when we buy a new smartphone we never thought about to change it . And we keep using it continuously till the end even after when it get stop working we take the phone to repairing shop and they install damage and local quality battery.

local repairing shop destroy the phone very badly , also they use same charging pin for all the smart phone which damage the jack, as well as battery and by this your phone start working slow and start hanging and it also destroy software and eventually your smartphone stop working and you loss all your important data.

local battery also get blast which good cause severe damage and also could cause unwanted accident . that why we should always use original as well as good quality battery for our phones. also we should choose a good repair and authorised repairing shop .

now question arise in mind

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